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Mixture of vollatile oils
Tannic acid (Castanea sativa mill extact)
Vitamin B1
Wheat flour
Corn flour

DESCRIPTION: PHARMACARE is a feed additive containing special volatile oils and essence of perfumes that exert indirectly irritant effects to the parasites. The product is effective against nematodes, helps their discharge from the intestinal flora. The natural effect through special mixture of the volatile oils characterized by a strong odour, which masks the pheromones of the parasites and acts as a natural repellent of poultry red mites (Dermanyssus gallinarum) is realized .Product is to be fed as a cure mixed with the feed of poultry or the concentrate of ruminants. Continuous administration of product is recommended in case of free living or grazing animals exposed to risk of infection via the faeces.

TARGET ANIMALS: poultry (laying hens, turkey, guinea-fowl, domestic fowl etc.) and ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats etc.).

HOW TO USE: mixed in the feed/concentrate.

DOSAGE: Poultry are to be fed 3-5 kg product/1ton feed for 10-14 days; Ruminants are to be fed 5-10 kg product/1ton concentrate (0,5- 1,0%) for 10-14 days or continuously. The product has appetizing effect and can also be used for production of biofeeds.

  0 days.

STORAGE:  At room temperature. In a dry place, protected from light, placed on pallet.

DURABILITY LIMIT: 12 months counted from the manufacturing date, in original sealed packaging.

PACKAGING: 20 kg in bag.