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Gut flora stabiliser, feed additive PREMIX


Pharmatéka Preventive Kft. has developed a new preparation for stabilising the gut flora of pigs. Mixed in the feed of the pigs, it can be used for improving animal production. The preparation is the homogeneous mixture of volatile oils and organic acids. The effective concentration does not disturb the operation of the intestinal epithelium cells and the development of treated animals does not lag behind those not treated. Over the duration of its application no symptoms referring to metabolism disorders or toxicosis occurred. With its use, due to its synergic effect, the effectiveness of the antibiotics against dysentery has improved; the resistance developed later. Considerably improves the efficiency of treatment with antibiotics.


The preparation exerts a favourable effect on production of the gastric juice that results in an easier prevention of consequences of the lack of digestion arising from the anomalies of the animal nutrition.

It has a low-level, selective bactericide effect.

Not classified as a medicine; it can be used freely.

Can continuously be used from the beginning of the fattening period to slaughtering.

It has no human health implications (there is no withdrawal period).

Improves the effectiveness of treatment with antibiotics currently used against dysentery.

The costs can considerably be reduced by its use; at the farms involved in the feeding experiment, cost savings of 30-40%, compared to the earlier conditions, were reached by using the anti-dysentery treatment. Increase the daily weight gain.

The relative feed consumption has been improved by 0.2–0.3 kg;

By at least 3.4% more animals have simultaneously reached the optimum slaughter weight.

By 16–24 kg less feed per animal was necessary for the fattening.


HOW TO USE: Mixed in feed.

DOSAGE: 1 kg / 1 metric ton of feed (i.e. at a concentration of 0.1%). Can be co-administered along with any medication if required. Continuous application of the premixture is possible at the suggested dose (from starting to stuff until slaughtering).


STORAGE: In dry place at room temperature, protected from light, placed on pallet.

 LABOUR AND ENVIROMENT SAFETY REGULATIONS: When working with the premixture, wear protective clothing and follow general labour safety rules.

 CAUTION: Only for animal fodder. Keep away from children!

 PACKAGING: In 20 kg triplex bags.

 BEST BEFORE: In original sealed packs for 1 year.